Take Your Business to the Next Level

For the last decade, many investors and entrepreneurs have been flocking to the Sub-Sahara African markets. With the rich world's weak growth, the Sub-Sahara African region's emerging markets have become attractive destinations for profit and money.

Since 2005, the number of direct investment from other countries has increased by 50%. The region’s economic boom continues to attract business talents and market players from all over the globe.

Consulting Services

  • Economic consulting through economic development study and analysis
  • Investment consulting through the market, financial, and investment climate analysis
  • Management consulting through enterprise development study and analysis
  • Business development consulting through competitive industrial analysis

As you might notice, all our consulting services are done and executed prudently with market research and analysis to secure a better chance of having a fruitful and thriving business in emerging markets.

Commodities Trading

Longhorn International has extensive market knowledge and access to the commodity market within the Sub-Sahara African market. We have access to procuring Sesame Seeds, Hibiscus, Ginger, and other items, for retailers and manufacturers that use these commodities for productions of their products.


In Africa, spices are an integral part of everyday life. Food is immensely enjoyed. All spices are carefully selected to complement or contrast the rest. The final product will be coming out as a delicious meal the whole family can enjoy.


We provide contract packaging services for small manufacturing businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. We offer higher quality packaging to better compete in global markets. We aim to be the consulting and advisory partner of choice in Sub-Saharan Africa.